One PrEP pill a day can keep HIV away

At Saban, we believe that everyone has a right to have a good time with whoever they want, whenever they want, safely. So, we’ve made it possible for more people to take advantage of PrEP, a medication you take every day to reduce your risk of getting HIV.

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If you’ve heard of PrEP, you’ve heard it’s expensive. Not with Saban. We give you a two-week trial free, and a continuing prescription you can afford. We sign you up for insurance so you can always be PrEPared!

How to get your free two-week trial

Get your free two-week trial from the Saban pharmacist without a prescription. It’s easy. Fill out the form. When your order is ready, come in to pick it up and book an appointment with a Saban doctor to prescribe your continuous supply, which we’ll help you afford.

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